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The Independent Resource Generation (IRG) Hub was established in 2019 to disrupt the way that funders and practitioners think about funding social justice work. IRG Hub's goal is to accelerate how organizing and movement groups build economic power for the purpose of creating social and political change. The work of IRG Hub encompasses three strategies that support independent resource generation: learning, engagement, and strategic projects. Learn more below.

IRG Strategy Session
IRG Strategy Session


IRG Hub initiated a series of case studies to showcase the intersection of independent resource generation with strategies including building political power, organizing workers and communities, and promoting progressive governance. Read more:

Ohio Ecosystem Case Study

Florida Ecosystem Case Study

WDF Better Builder Program

CERO Zero Waste Policy Change


At the center of IRG Hub is a group of leaders and stakeholders affiliated with state-based organizations, national organizations, and philanthropy.


These advisors guide a shared vision for the development and acceleration of independent resource generation strategies, engage deeply with IRG Hub's strategic projects, and collaborate with other leaders in a community of practice for this emerging field.

Strategic Projects

In 2022, IRG Hub moved into a more active phase of work, pursuing two strategies for generating independent resources to build economic power:

Real Estate. Identified in every IRG Hub conversation, we are exploring a variety of pooled investment options, including real estate and land trusts, crowd investing, and cooperatives.


Means of Production of Politics. IRG Hub is working to advance development of LLCs (field vendors, digital firms, back office operations) that can contest for market share in the electoral industry and share expertise and capacity with other power-building organizations.

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